About Us

PhotographerCatskill Images has been shooting in the Catskills since 2003. Owner and photographer, Jill Ribich, relocated to the Catskill Mountains from Dallas, Texas in 1999 and has never looked back.  Before the move, Jill was a contract and commercial interior designer, a skill that is not in high demand in the rural mountains. Having studied photography in college and having been a talented amateur all of her life, she decided to return to her studies and hone her skills to become a professional photographer. It has proven to have been the right decision. She has photographed dozens of weddings, hundreds of portraits, scores of events and lots of artist’s work as well as tried her hand at aerial photography hanging out the open door of a helicopter to get just the right angle. She has crawled into bucket trucks, perched in dusty attics, clung to sloping rooftops and rolled in haylofts to “get the shot”.  Through it all, she maintains her southern composure and sense of humor.